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Job Summary: Provide skilled therapy intervention and treatment  to patients in a home setting. Including, appropriate utilization of treatment  plans and assessment skills. Monitor carefully the patient status and progress  toward goals as well as compliance with physician’s orders. Responsible for  educating patients and caregivers while preparing the patient/caregiver for  discharge as appropriate. 

Qualifications/Educational Requirements:  


A  person who is licensed, if applicable, by the State in which practicing,
unless licensure does not apply and meets one of the following requirements: 
(1) Graduated after successful completion of a Physical Therapist education program  approved by one of the following:

(i)  The Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE).

(ii)  Successor organizations of CAPTE.

(iii)  An education program outside the United States determined to be substantially equivalent
to Physical Therapist entry-level education in the United States by a  credentials evaluation organization approved by the American Physical Therapy  Association or an organization identified in 8 CFR 212.15(e) as it relates to  Physical Therapists;


Responsibilities/essential functions: The person in this position must be able to perform the following essential job functions with or without reasonable


  1. Provide skilled physical therapy in accordance with the physician’s plan of treatment.
  2. Assist the physician in the evaluation and assessment of the client’s level of functioning by applying appropriate tests and assist in the development and revision of the plan of care.
  3. Treat lients to relieve pain, develop and restore function and maintain maximum erformance using appropriate physical therapy treatments, modalities and rocedures as stated in the physical therapy plan of care.
  4. Observe, ecord, and report the client’s reaction to treatment and any changes in the lient’s condition to the physician, Director of Nurses and Case Manager.
  5. Educate lient/caregiver and health care team in the phases of physical therapy in hich they may assist the client, in the use of prosthetic and orthotic evices, and durable medical equipment, as appropriate.
  6. Provide staff in-service education as directed by DON.
  7. Assess and regularly reevaluate the needs of the client. Develops implements and revises the client’s plan of care.
  8. Initiate diagnostic, preventive and rehabilitative procedures as appropriate to the client’s care safety.
  9. Assist with plan of care and maintain continuity of and/or multidisciplinary clients whenever needed to ensure good coordination of care.
  10. Promote coordination of care through interdisciplinary case conferences and communication with physician and field staff.
  11. Develop, prepares and maintains individualized client care progress records with accuracy, timeliness and according to agency policy and procedures.
  12. Participate in the agency’s quality improvement program.
  13. Keep abreast of physical trends and knowledge for service provision, documentation and care coordination.
  14. Participate in staff meetings, in-service programs and Utilization reviews.
  15. Supervise the Physical Therapy Aide at least every 30 days.



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