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Job Summary:
Provide supportive and personal services for the patients with consideration of
dignity and privacy. Provide personal care and hygiene to home health patients.


Qualifications/Educational Requirements: 


  1. Graduate of an accredited High School or equivalent preferred.
  2. Ability read, write and follow directions.
  3. Must be a certified nursing assistant with proof of certification.
  4. A minimum of one year full-time experience in direct patient in an institutional
    setting (hospital or nursing facility) or one year full-time experience within
    the last five years in direct client care in an agency setting.
  5. Effective for services furnished after August 14, 1990, a person who has successfully completed a State-established or other training program that meets the  requirements of §484.36(a) and a competency evaluation program or State  licensure program that meets the requirements of §484.36 (b) or (e), or a  competency evaluation program or State licensure program that meets the requirements  of §484.36 (b) or (e). An individual is not considered to have completed a  training and competency evaluation program, or a competency evaluation program  if, since the individual's most recent completion of this program(s), there has  been a continuous period of 24 consecutive months during none of which the  individual furnished services described in §409.40 of this chapter for
  6. Work positively and favorably with patients, families, and staff.
  7. Demonstrate compassion, responsibility, and cheerful attitude.
  8. Listed on the nurse aide registry with no finding against the aide relating to client
    abuse or neglect or misappropriation of client property.



Responsibilities/essential functions:
The person in this position must be able to perform the following essential job
functions with or without reasonable accommodations.




  1. Follow the instructions of the professional nurse/therapist in providing care.                                                
  2. Provide assistance with hygiene such as bathing, oral care, and dressing.
  3. Perform and record accurate measurements (i.e. vital signs, or intake/output as
    instructed in the care plans).
  4. Observe and report any safety hazards found in the client’s home or any significant
    observations regarding the client.
  5. Attend staff meetings, attend/complete 12 hours of annual in-services, and
    participates in orientation of new employees.
  6. Report patient complaints to the RN.
  7. Maintain patient confidentiality/adheres to HIPPA requirements and agency policy and
    procedures manual.
  8. Possess the ability to follow written and oral instructions.
  9. Report abnormal findings in patient’s conditions as observed and per care plan to RN.
  10. Perform the following task when delegated by the RN


  • Non-invasive and non-sterile treatments
  • Collection and documentation of vital signs, height, weight, I/O, environmental situations. client behaviors,
  • Ambulation, positioning, and turning
  • Transportation
  • Personal hygiene and elimination (irritations, enemas)
  • Feeding
  • Socialization
  • ADLS

         Please send your resume to heleniumhh@yahoo.com 

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